Monday, May 30, 2011

whats with America and Race!

Why is America so stuck on race? Not in a racist way but in a way that is actually kind of funny! You have to answer what race you are to get a job ( like it really matters) and friends ask you if you're mixed with anything if you have good hair or pretty eyes. Can the persons hair not be pretty? Why does he/she have to be mixed with something to have good hair? I know full African-Americans who have very pretty hair and aren't mixed with anything. It's like in this country there has to be a race battle or something. At my school the other day I was arguing with this boy because he asked me " do you speak Mexican? Wow black people speak Mexican?". Well that bothered me in two ways. First of all Mexican isn't a language, its Spanish! Second of all black people speaking Mexican? Just because a person is darker than you doesn't mean he's black. Just like if a person has really light skin doesn't make them white. My great grand mother is Dominican and she looks white. My whole half of that side looks white. My uncle Junior on the other hand is darker and hes not black. Yes he has African roots, most of the Caribbean does anyway. Not everybody is one race! The black people speaking Spanish thing just bothered me a lot. I'm mixed with Dominican and African-American and I don't claim one side more than the other. I might represent DR but I don't disown my black side thats just not me. Sometimes I wish I could be full Dominican though but whats the fun in that? Two races are better than one I always say! Dominicans are strong people and so are African-Americans. I'm just blessed to be apart of them both. I speak Spanish and English both and when I spoke spanish to that boy and he said that it kind of pissed me off because there is more than just black and white America! It's sad that when people move from other countries to here they have to get put into the "you're black and you're white" category. People come here for a better life and they have to come deal with the black and white thing. Why can't we just be one race. The HUMAN race maybe? I don't understand! America was founded by immigrants so why is race an issue? We were all made by God! The sun baked some people a little more than others so their skin is darker thats all. We need to get it together with the race thing. Thats all I'm saying here. Thanks for reading :) my thoughts on things! Leave comments please let me know what you think!