Saturday, June 18, 2011


Okaie so I cut my hair today right? I just got a text from my EX boyfriend saying hes not gonna talk to me for 5 days.... then asked me if i knew why and i said because i cut my hair... I told him it can be longer than 5 days because I love my hair and idc what he thinks! idc what anybody thinks because its my head. Then he said Good i hope your hair loves you back! and i said it does now goodbye! and i didnt get a text back. I'm not hurt. I actually feel good because I always use to care what he thought. but now, i could care less! he can kick rocks for all i care! I think im beautiful and thats all that matters. You're probably thinking why i still talk to my ex. well, while we were together he asked me if we could be friends even after we broke up and i said yes. well right now hes not being a "friend" so i just told him bye! im use to not texting him for days on end anyway! hes so selfish too! if he sees me talking to another boy he'll start talking to me again. wow is all i have to say! well toodles ! besos! love you all!


  1. good :)
    may you visit and follow me back??
    Thanks before :)

  2. welcomeee & sure i'll visit and follow ! =)