Friday, June 17, 2011

excited !

I told you you'd be hearing from me again lol! Right now I'm up getting everything prepared for tomorrow morning. I'm fixing my drawers like putting clothes that I ADORE in places and stuff like that. Then I got all my dressy shoes together and put them on a rack and put my favorite tennis shoes in a bin (organized) lol ! crazy huh? Idk why I'm up doing this but I'm up! right now im currently working on my accessory collection! I'm working with ribbons and bracelets right now sorting them out. Good Lord help me because i'm not even tired! I even co-washed my hair at 3 am and i can feel all my curlies =) omg i love what God gave me ! idk why i used the creamy crack (perm) but anywho, I'm just ranting on about nothing i guess! Gotta get back to sorting my accessories and getting the right natural makeup so I can look lovely with my cut saturday morning! =). Hmmmm i was gonna say one more thing but i forgot.... so for the time being i'm gonna go sort my stuff out! next is belts then skirts, jeans, then scarfs! I'll be up for a good hour! I'll post when I wake up to let you know how all of my sorting went ! I'll try to take pics if I dont fall asleep first! (there are alot of errors and red squiggly lines under my words right now) who cares because its 4:31 am! well I'll do what i can to show you my progress of sorting lol 

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