Friday, June 17, 2011

I gotta find an alter ego name for when I get my hair cut ! I guess its like a baby being born. you gotta see what the baby looks like to find the perfect name. So I guess thats what i'll do .. I love Nijah like nia long but I gotta see what i look like first! wish me luck! 10 hours until the BC lord Jesus! But when i get my hair cut you guys can name me and tell me what I look like. I would enjoy some help =) If i cant figure out what imma look like i'll ask for sum help.. My mama thinks im silly lol I just gotta make this perfect you know? im just that excited! also just so you know, I NAME EVERYTHING! so this is a must for me..well the "baby" will be born tomorrow. hopefully she wont be deformed or anything.. I'll try to name her. this is like a stage name for me but not really you know? oh by the way I WONT be awake until 6 am this time! =) gotta get up EARLY like at 7. I gotta put on clothes and do my makeup so when she cuts my hair i wont look like a bum lol! I'll go to bed at about 1 or 2 because im just now eating dinner.. If i absolutely cannot sleep then i'll make a little post to entertain y'll or sumthn.. I dont see why i would be up anyway because i organized all my stuff anyway.. I'm gonna take a few clips and things to the salon so I can put them in after I get it cut. My mom knows what shes looking for and will get my hair cut like she wants which is always cute! love you mommy! but umm yeah after we get done i'm gonna ask her to take me to the store to get some products for my hair like eco styling gel and some kinky curly custard or what ever that stuff is to make my hair curlier.... good bye hair .. i mean its not like i'll miss you forreal because i cut you before so the pain of losing you is gone! ... bye byeee
~toodles! besos!

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