Friday, June 24, 2011

my life since my Big Chop

 Life has been great guys if you wanna know! So i learned that my big chop wasnt my big chop because there were relaxed ends EVERYWHERE! I wasn't happy so I had my mother chop the relaxed ends off today and it took her 3 hours and 45 minutes! Its so much better now! nothing sticking up its all curly and lays down! I need something so it doesnt look so dry though!! do you use anything to help it look shiny or not so dry? comment and let me know please! Right now I'm using some curl enhancing smoothie

 and some curls up serum cream for now to make my hair curlier ! and some spary in leave in conditioner its my baby sisters because her hair is natural so i use it and it makes my hair curl up fast! i love it!!! but as i was saying, heres my real big chop ! I'm in love with it!! I'll take more pictures as time goes by to show progress but it'll be on my other blog because thats my hair blog and makeup and stuff so ya! check it out for me =) tell me what you think ! GRACIA ! TE AMO! Y BESOS PARA TI!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Okaie so I cut my hair today right? I just got a text from my EX boyfriend saying hes not gonna talk to me for 5 days.... then asked me if i knew why and i said because i cut my hair... I told him it can be longer than 5 days because I love my hair and idc what he thinks! idc what anybody thinks because its my head. Then he said Good i hope your hair loves you back! and i said it does now goodbye! and i didnt get a text back. I'm not hurt. I actually feel good because I always use to care what he thought. but now, i could care less! he can kick rocks for all i care! I think im beautiful and thats all that matters. You're probably thinking why i still talk to my ex. well, while we were together he asked me if we could be friends even after we broke up and i said yes. well right now hes not being a "friend" so i just told him bye! im use to not texting him for days on end anyway! hes so selfish too! if he sees me talking to another boy he'll start talking to me again. wow is all i have to say! well toodles ! besos! love you all!

I DID IT !!!

I LOVE MY HAIR! it looks kinky but thats just because you cant see the curls! im mad about that because i dont have nappy hair! its wavy and curly but its all good! IM FREE

this pic is weird but i love my eyes!


I go to the salon in less than 2 hours guys!!! Its so unreal because im getting my hair cut OFF! I didn't get to bed until 5am last night idk why it is but when it gets around 5am my body wants to finally sleep! huh! but any how.... ummmm I'll post pictures when i get home or something.. cant wait super duper excited ! =) WISH ME LUCK!


WHEN WILL THE INSOMNIA END!!!!! IM SOOOOO SLEEPY BUT MY BODY WONT LET ME SLEEEEEEPPPPP =(!!!! GOD I CANT WAIT UNTIL LATER ON TODAY! i gotta wake up at 7am to get there  @ 9am ... I'm gonna get fully dressed and do my makeup so i wont look like a bum! I cant believe i cant sleep tho. I only have 7 or so hours before the BC!!!! mad excited ! If im up at 5 again i'll post if not then goodnite lol BESOS! TOODLES

Friday, June 17, 2011

I gotta find an alter ego name for when I get my hair cut ! I guess its like a baby being born. you gotta see what the baby looks like to find the perfect name. So I guess thats what i'll do .. I love Nijah like nia long but I gotta see what i look like first! wish me luck! 10 hours until the BC lord Jesus! But when i get my hair cut you guys can name me and tell me what I look like. I would enjoy some help =) If i cant figure out what imma look like i'll ask for sum help.. My mama thinks im silly lol I just gotta make this perfect you know? im just that excited! also just so you know, I NAME EVERYTHING! so this is a must for me..well the "baby" will be born tomorrow. hopefully she wont be deformed or anything.. I'll try to name her. this is like a stage name for me but not really you know? oh by the way I WONT be awake until 6 am this time! =) gotta get up EARLY like at 7. I gotta put on clothes and do my makeup so when she cuts my hair i wont look like a bum lol! I'll go to bed at about 1 or 2 because im just now eating dinner.. If i absolutely cannot sleep then i'll make a little post to entertain y'll or sumthn.. I dont see why i would be up anyway because i organized all my stuff anyway.. I'm gonna take a few clips and things to the salon so I can put them in after I get it cut. My mom knows what shes looking for and will get my hair cut like she wants which is always cute! love you mommy! but umm yeah after we get done i'm gonna ask her to take me to the store to get some products for my hair like eco styling gel and some kinky curly custard or what ever that stuff is to make my hair curlier.... good bye hair .. i mean its not like i'll miss you forreal because i cut you before so the pain of losing you is gone! ... bye byeee
~toodles! besos!


okaie i'm getting more and more nervous and anxious about this BC thing! Not saying that I don't want to do it but there are a lot of things running through my mind like HOW WILL IT LOOK! I don't want it to be ugly is all im sayin! If its ugly then I'll die and my mama said shes not gettin me nuthn to cover it up! see my hair doesn't do like black peoples and curl real tight. My hair is like the man in this picture (my papi =) ) Wavy and curly because im mixed with black too. I don't really know what to expect! if its ugly i think im gonna consider suicide! (JOKING!) but Im GOING to cry if i look ugly ! If its ugly just know that NO pictures will be posted lol! well i just got interrupted by my mama taking pictures of my new growth! its soooo beautiful! i love it already omg! im defff. gonna rock this! well time to wash my hair ! bye byeee ! no worries


yes ello chaps! this is my british accent yes i know its lovely! Oh where are my manners! How are you guys? Thats good ! lol (hope im not talking to my self here!) BTW i did go to sleep last night but @ 5:30AM! I woke up at 1pm ! Almost 8 hours of sleep right? But I HAVE to take pictures of my progress last night! I'll take them tomorrow as well as my BC tomorrow too (God be with me). My mother tried to make me back out of the BC today and showed me this and was like "you can do this instead of the BC!" I was like I know what I can do but I WANT to do this mom. It's a goal of mine! and she was mad lol. Mad because I WANT to BC and not grow my hair out. To me I think that growing hair out takes too long and if you just cut it off and get it over with then it'll grow faster in my opinion. This is off subject but I use !!!!! alot! lol see. Thats because I express my self lol. I just think periods are BORING! but anyway, BC tomorrow lovelies =)! can't wait!!!!!!!! I'll check in later
~toodles! BESOS!

excited !

I told you you'd be hearing from me again lol! Right now I'm up getting everything prepared for tomorrow morning. I'm fixing my drawers like putting clothes that I ADORE in places and stuff like that. Then I got all my dressy shoes together and put them on a rack and put my favorite tennis shoes in a bin (organized) lol ! crazy huh? Idk why I'm up doing this but I'm up! right now im currently working on my accessory collection! I'm working with ribbons and bracelets right now sorting them out. Good Lord help me because i'm not even tired! I even co-washed my hair at 3 am and i can feel all my curlies =) omg i love what God gave me ! idk why i used the creamy crack (perm) but anywho, I'm just ranting on about nothing i guess! Gotta get back to sorting my accessories and getting the right natural makeup so I can look lovely with my cut saturday morning! =). Hmmmm i was gonna say one more thing but i forgot.... so for the time being i'm gonna go sort my stuff out! next is belts then skirts, jeans, then scarfs! I'll be up for a good hour! I'll post when I wake up to let you know how all of my sorting went ! I'll try to take pics if I dont fall asleep first! (there are alot of errors and red squiggly lines under my words right now) who cares because its 4:31 am! well I'll do what i can to show you my progress of sorting lol 

Thursday, June 16, 2011


omg guys! I'm going to BC this saturday! I'm so excited because I'm going to be free of relaxers and my hair is going to be so pretty! I get to just grow it all back out by my senior year in high school in 3 years! It should be long by then right? Unfortunately, I'll have my hair short during the school year. I realllyyy don't have time for neg. feed back which will definitely get because haters hate. I'm also a cheer leader and IDK what to do when I get it cut! I can't hide from my squad. I really don't know what to do about this..... Cheer is whats worrying me the most on top of school because people always have something to say. I have the support of my best friends and my mom of course. I don't know how I'll look but I'm going for it! It shouldn't be too bad! I'm soooooo excited tho! I think I'm too excited though because I probably won't be able to sleep tonight or tomorrow night so be expecting a post from me! I know that I made a goal to grow my hair out but at this point idgaf I'm gonna cut it all off! OMGGGG IM SUPER EXCITED! I have forever to wait on it to grow. I just loveee my curly hair I don't care if its short ! May God be with me during the days leading up to cutting my hair and may God stop me from hurting somebody if they have something to say about my curls! May God be with me when I walk into cheer practice Monday. And may God especially be with me when I walk into church Sunday morning! AMEN

we love it ! check it out

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

more about hair

I've been thinking a lot about my hair again guys and I'm going to go ahead and try to BC on my birthday next year. That is next October! I've already been transitioning for 3 months already and this October will be 7 months. I really need encouragement on this because a year and a half is a long way and when I see those permed ends I'll probably want to go insane! I want to BC on my birthday this October really bad! Idk what to do! That's all for right now though. I just had to write about that before I went nuts!! I really don't know what I should do. PLEASE PLEASE leave comments as to what you think! Would it be worth the wait to just wait until October of 2012 or just get it over with and cut it this October 2011? Let me know what you think PLEASEEE

Thursday, June 9, 2011

let's get down to business shall we

My business is MINE and nobody else's so why do people feel the need to be in MY business? I just don't understand it. Why do I matter to you so much that you have to know my every action and everything that I do. If you're not my parent then why do I concern you? It's like, why am I the topic of conversation? Honestly, who cares? I've come to learn that I just dgaf what people say or think. Haters are funny to me! You're just mad because you can't be me so you go around saying things about me......Yeaahhhh that really looks good on your end and will get you every where! NOT! Losers are what you are! But thanks to all of my haters because they push me to move forward. All of the negative talk is just fueling my fire so keep it coming! It's just confusing though. Why do I seem to interest you enough for you to just go spreading rumors about me? It really just blows my mind. Well what ever because I have a new mentality.....How about this..... Something that will work for us all =).... I don't give a rat's a$$ about what you say about me or think. I'm done trying to please people! This will work for us both because if I ignore you It'll make you more upset and more upset means more negativity which pushes me forward! So to all my haters who spread rumors and say I can't get any where in life, this is for you... =) smiles!

Friday, June 3, 2011

my goal

Hello my beautiful people! We're talking about goals in my health class and one of the things required to achieve that goal is to tell others so you have to stick to your word. So lovelies, I'm going to share my goal with you all if that's okay. I want to grow my natural hair back without getting relaxers. My hair is naturally a curly wavy texture and it grows very fast. I've have a relaxer since 2005 and I loved it at first. Now I just want to go back to my normal hair. I'm tired of relaxers because they are a hassle on my hair and I'm just tired of chemicals. I haven't had a relaxer so far since April (2 months ago) so my new growth is just a little bit right now but I feel curls when I attempt to run my fingers through my hair. I don't want to do the big chop until I have at least 6months- a year of new growth in my hair. I want to keep getting either braids something so I can mix the two hair textures without problems. This is going to take a while but I'm willing to do this for me. I want to do this to prove to myself that I CAN do something that doesn't involve sports or singing. This is a long term goal so I'll give it a reasonable time frame. I want to post pictures of what my hair looks like through out the process but I don't feel the need. When I get my braces off is when I'll cut my hair which is around February and or March. I'm ready to do this! Once my hair grows out and my braces come off, I can start my career as a model my junior year in high school =). SO EXCITED

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

exercise then and now

I was at cheer practice today and we were doing jumping jacks. I thought to my self, "jumping jacks have never felt like this before!". When we were little jumping jacks were the fun exercise just to jump up and down and have some fun. But, today I was really feeling the burn! Bicycles were never a problem either. I enjoy them still even today but they hurt lol! Maybe its because when we were little or when I was little I just did them for the fun and wasn't really trying to get in shape. I was a fireball as a child and had a lot of energy so I used it on exercise. I'm still a little stunned that jumping jacks ACTUALLY hurt today! Its really really weird because they never made my thighs feel like someone poured gasoline on them, lit a match, and then threw the match on my thighs to just watch them burn. I've always heard, "if it hurts then you must be doing it right". Is that true???? Hmmm well I don't know but what I do know is that jumping jacks aren't supposed to hurt to the point that my favorite childhood exercise is my not so favorite anymore. Hmmmm deep in thought about this lol.. I'm deep in thought about this small little thing which is the norm for me anyway! Well, I'm gonna go think about this here issue and catch you guys later =) adios