Monday, April 16, 2012

hellosss =)

hola mis amores =) i only post every so often but thats because im sorta busy lol. ok so im going on this new ballerina diet ..... well its not new..... and for me its not really a diet seeing as im not even a little bit fat lol. i just want to be healthy so im eating fruits and veggies every day for 6 weeks. im taking a multi vitamin also along with it because i need to get into some kind of shape for summer. people tell me "but you are in shape .. LOOK AT YOU!" welllll ummm ... no. to me being in shape means not feeling like i need an oxygen tank everytime i walk up some steps lol... shame. but hey thats what i need to get in shape for. so far its only been about 3 days and ihave a war with the great white throne every day i come home from class. lol (TMI) but its human so o well =) well im gonna go do some pilites now .. oh and also i updated my regimen! i twist my hair up every night and wear a twist out in the morning. im taking the LHCF boot camp challenge for 3 sessions since i missed the first one because well i didnt know about it. so i have to wear protective styles until december 15th.. wish me luck =)