Saturday, September 24, 2011

3 months today

happy 3 month anniversary to my natural hair =) yay! roxie is her name lol but yes shes 3 months old and growing like a weed! I got it straightened today for my homecoming dance ! its long enough to where it looks like a halle berry cut and only at 3 months! i know people whose hair cant do that yet and they are at 3 months so im kind of excited lol cant wait til 6 months =) but i have to go get a trim soon =((( not wanting that but i have to so my hair can grow "faster" but i hope my hair isnt a curly mess by the end of this night ! lord help me and roxie get through this lol well bye bye peeps i'll post after the dance!


Sunday, September 11, 2011


ok so i was looking at past photos of when i first got my hair cut and its really growing! sometimes it seems like its not going anywhere. that its just still the same as it was when i first cut my hair but its not! it grew alot! well that is all i just wanted to share that lol 

2 months natural

well i decided to post some pictures of my hair at 2 months ! this is a twist out i did wet with some kinky curly pudding. I sat under the dryer for 10 minutes then went to sleep. this is what it looks like

i love my hair! its so soft and curly . i have alot of different textures. I have 3b/3c/4a mainly 3c but there are other textures mixed in there! hope you enjoy these pics! i cant wait for 6 months of hair growth. waiting for 12.24.11 i hope it gets longer by then! well i hope you like my pictures but if you dont thats cool cus i like em! 

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I've really been missing in action lately ladies and gentlemen ... im so sorry! its just that I've been so busy with cheer leading and school. My hair is growing ! i can grab the back and put it in a tiny pony tail ! i can do the sides too but not the top just yet. its slower to grow than the rest of my hair.. My hair loves oils and creams too. when I leave in a condish for a while my hair is so defined and pretty! For right now I just use a leave in conditioner that i made by myself. Which is just suave naturals strawberry condish and some water in a spray bottle. I started using this because my hair loves water and a regular leave in doesnt have the extra moisture. I use to co wash everyday but now since its getting cooler out side im just gonna start co washing at night every other night and spritz in the morning because its too cold to walk out with a wet head in the fall/ winter. I'm in love with my hair tho! I've gotten sooo many complements from teachers and people period. I was cheering at a foot ball game and a lady told me I was so brave and original for cutting my hair and especially since im in cheer. ( please excuse the grammatical errors. its midnight here and im tired so i dont care lol) but any way...... oh yeah! the lady was just like " i love your hair you look so cute in the air i watch you every time you cheer" that part creep-ed me out but the rest was sweet lol . I cant wait until december. if i can grab my hair at 2 months and if the curls are falling down and swirly (idk) lol then i cant wait until 6 months =) i'll catch you guys later! night !