Monday, April 16, 2012

hellosss =)

hola mis amores =) i only post every so often but thats because im sorta busy lol. ok so im going on this new ballerina diet ..... well its not new..... and for me its not really a diet seeing as im not even a little bit fat lol. i just want to be healthy so im eating fruits and veggies every day for 6 weeks. im taking a multi vitamin also along with it because i need to get into some kind of shape for summer. people tell me "but you are in shape .. LOOK AT YOU!" welllll ummm ... no. to me being in shape means not feeling like i need an oxygen tank everytime i walk up some steps lol... shame. but hey thats what i need to get in shape for. so far its only been about 3 days and ihave a war with the great white throne every day i come home from class. lol (TMI) but its human so o well =) well im gonna go do some pilites now .. oh and also i updated my regimen! i twist my hair up every night and wear a twist out in the morning. im taking the LHCF boot camp challenge for 3 sessions since i missed the first one because well i didnt know about it. so i have to wear protective styles until december 15th.. wish me luck =)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

cant sleep

ok so im awake listening to the seal lullaby by eric whitacre and i cant sleep !!! the song was putting me to sleep at first until i decided to look up a way to do my hair ... so i looked up finger coils. idid them once when my hair was shorter and i didnt like it so i never wanted to do it again , but i guess my fingers wanted to be busy because i finger coiled my hair and i love it =) i love my hair so much!! it took exactly one hour and 30 minutes because i kept stopping to go lay down but i finally got done. im so tired idk what to do lol i want to sleep but i cant! but i have pictures =).. i'll be wearing these coils until tuesday then undo them . its sunday today so im good until tuesday or wednesday. maybe thursday... maybe an entire week ! yeah i think i'll go for a week because i dont feel like fooling with my hair. its like when i have a weave i learn not to play in my hair so it can grow.. so ya ! hope you like =) & if you dont .. idont care cus i do! lol

Saturday, March 24, 2012

9 months today =)

hello ladies =) im back! today i am 9 months natural ! yay! so heres some pictures .. with my half mo hawk (no my hair isnt shaved =) ) & with a puff .. yall dont know how happy i am to finally be able to put my hair up w/out bobby pins or gel. all i do is brush with just a little bit of organics coca stuff in it &tie a hair tie around it &im done =) i dont want anymore weaves!!! i love my hair how it is now and i want to leave it alone. i cant wait until one whole year !

Sunday, March 11, 2012


my god its been a long time!!! my internet has been down for 3 months and ive been going crazy!! i have no hair updates other than me having a sew in right now.. its been in for a month and 2 days and im ready for it to come out but im not takin it out for another month! i paid way too much money for it. but i am sick of it tbh... well i just wanted to let you guys know how its been going. i can finally put my hair into a pony tail and i dyed it jet black because i felt the need. the other color was faded and grown out so i just went back to black. i cant wait until june to see how long my hair will be.. but im not in a rush

Saturday, December 3, 2011


well i washed my hair and i loved it but i forgot to take pictures lol oopsiee! its so pretty when no product is added to it but leave in and sum grease! i love how soft it is and how curly it is! i just recently got a mo hawk like last night and i love it! its braided into a hawk tho not like pushed back. i plan on keeping this for about 2 weeks or a week at the most and getting the braids redone every 2 weeks. I just wish i knew how to braid my own hair! I'm happy with my length now as is. I'm not rushing growth at all anymore because after seeing my hair now i LOVE it !! i'll try to learn to braid sometime soon so my aunt wont have to keep doing it every 2 weeks. i feel bad for asking her lol but shes a sweet heart! love her til death! but ummmmm yeah here are some pics =) enjoy

its not combed out all the way because it got wet from the rain and it shrunk =/ ugh but hey i still like it !
~besitos !

Thursday, December 1, 2011

i changed my mind !!!

ok guys so i took my sew in out ! =) it was in for a month and 4 days... i missed my hair sooo much! i havent washed it yet because im scared so i'll wait until my mama gets home but here is the growth

im so happy that it grew!!! i missed my hair very much !!! im glad i took that sew in out man it was itchy! it feels sooo good to scratch my head ahhhhh! I'll post pics of my coils after i wash it! until then ... toodles

Sunday, November 27, 2011


ok guys so i decided to go on a fruit and water diet to clean my system.. more of a fast really because id like to get closer to God and receive some things.
  I also want my hair to grow some more. I'm taking multi vitamins too with the fast/diet. im going to do this starting Thursday December 1st-December 23rd. 
 After that there is another fast i'll be doing in January for the new year! I'll be posting along the way! wish me luck =)