Sunday, March 25, 2012

cant sleep

ok so im awake listening to the seal lullaby by eric whitacre and i cant sleep !!! the song was putting me to sleep at first until i decided to look up a way to do my hair ... so i looked up finger coils. idid them once when my hair was shorter and i didnt like it so i never wanted to do it again , but i guess my fingers wanted to be busy because i finger coiled my hair and i love it =) i love my hair so much!! it took exactly one hour and 30 minutes because i kept stopping to go lay down but i finally got done. im so tired idk what to do lol i want to sleep but i cant! but i have pictures =).. i'll be wearing these coils until tuesday then undo them . its sunday today so im good until tuesday or wednesday. maybe thursday... maybe an entire week ! yeah i think i'll go for a week because i dont feel like fooling with my hair. its like when i have a weave i learn not to play in my hair so it can grow.. so ya ! hope you like =) & if you dont .. idont care cus i do! lol

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