Thursday, August 11, 2011

1.5 month natural

hello lovelies! i missed blogging! ive been sooooo busy with a lot of things i havent been able to post!!! but umm yeah i am almost 2 months natural and my hair is doing pretty well! right now im wearing two strand twists and going to take them out tomorrow morning . these are my 1st so i hope they turn out right! I really cant wait for my hair to grow so i can do more with it but im not getting bored with my hair at all! i actually like co washing it every morning and making it all nice and fresh! love it actually im actually excited to get up every morning and do my hair. I havent gotten a really good regimen yet other than co wash with suave ocean breeze conditioner (let sit for 10 minutes) defines my curls good when it sits, put in a motions leave in, then just style with a teeny weeny bit of eco styler gel. When i say style i mean get some gel and rake it through my soaked hair. at night before bed i put in some evoo and my satin bonnet and go to bed and in the AM i do it all over again. I love my hair and have recently inspired my cousin and many others to go natural! people who havent seen me in a long time and havent seen me with my hair cut at all have stopped and stared. they always say "you are so gorgeous! not alot of people can do that! you need to model!" lol im like that you! and i smile really big! i cant wait til my hair grows though! I have discovered that I am a 3c i love mis rizos! like i said i have to find a regimen that sticks but its gonna be getting cold soon here in missouri so i have to figure something out ! my hair doesnt like the cold =(. well the next time i'll be posting pictures will be in december when i am 6 months natural ! hopefully it grows like i want it! well thats all for now! see ya peeps


  1. Oh cool! I'm glad to see a post from you :-) I was like you when I BCed! I loved the cowashing every morning thing. That was nice, having such little hair to deal with. But now I can't wait to be MBL and eventually get to waist length lol. It's cool that you're getting lots of compliments. I did too :-) When it gets cold, make sure you moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! And you may want to wash your hair less then too. Continue to have fun with your hair!

  2. heyyy ! i missed you lol ! but yeah im having a good time! its gonna be 3 months in a few weeks and my hair loves me! im getting braids hopefully for homecoming just to speed up the growing process ya kno. Im hoping to keep them in for some months because my hair loves to be left alone for a while. but yes when it gets cold im not gonna wash in the morning just at night and make sure it has alot of oil. pero your hair should grow long soon! its long already i love it! but thnx for the comment =)