Saturday, December 3, 2011


well i washed my hair and i loved it but i forgot to take pictures lol oopsiee! its so pretty when no product is added to it but leave in and sum grease! i love how soft it is and how curly it is! i just recently got a mo hawk like last night and i love it! its braided into a hawk tho not like pushed back. i plan on keeping this for about 2 weeks or a week at the most and getting the braids redone every 2 weeks. I just wish i knew how to braid my own hair! I'm happy with my length now as is. I'm not rushing growth at all anymore because after seeing my hair now i LOVE it !! i'll try to learn to braid sometime soon so my aunt wont have to keep doing it every 2 weeks. i feel bad for asking her lol but shes a sweet heart! love her til death! but ummmmm yeah here are some pics =) enjoy

its not combed out all the way because it got wet from the rain and it shrunk =/ ugh but hey i still like it !
~besitos !

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