Friday, June 17, 2011


okaie i'm getting more and more nervous and anxious about this BC thing! Not saying that I don't want to do it but there are a lot of things running through my mind like HOW WILL IT LOOK! I don't want it to be ugly is all im sayin! If its ugly then I'll die and my mama said shes not gettin me nuthn to cover it up! see my hair doesn't do like black peoples and curl real tight. My hair is like the man in this picture (my papi =) ) Wavy and curly because im mixed with black too. I don't really know what to expect! if its ugly i think im gonna consider suicide! (JOKING!) but Im GOING to cry if i look ugly ! If its ugly just know that NO pictures will be posted lol! well i just got interrupted by my mama taking pictures of my new growth! its soooo beautiful! i love it already omg! im defff. gonna rock this! well time to wash my hair ! bye byeee ! no worries


  1. Aww, you'll be beautiful with short hair! Your mom looks really good with short hair too! :-)

  2. =) thanks !!! i hope i'll look beautiful with SUPER short hair! I just looked at my new growth oh how i love it so much! my babies lol & thanks so much ! shes in love with your hair by the way lol