Friday, June 17, 2011


yes ello chaps! this is my british accent yes i know its lovely! Oh where are my manners! How are you guys? Thats good ! lol (hope im not talking to my self here!) BTW i did go to sleep last night but @ 5:30AM! I woke up at 1pm ! Almost 8 hours of sleep right? But I HAVE to take pictures of my progress last night! I'll take them tomorrow as well as my BC tomorrow too (God be with me). My mother tried to make me back out of the BC today and showed me this and was like "you can do this instead of the BC!" I was like I know what I can do but I WANT to do this mom. It's a goal of mine! and she was mad lol. Mad because I WANT to BC and not grow my hair out. To me I think that growing hair out takes too long and if you just cut it off and get it over with then it'll grow faster in my opinion. This is off subject but I use !!!!! alot! lol see. Thats because I express my self lol. I just think periods are BORING! but anyway, BC tomorrow lovelies =)! can't wait!!!!!!!! I'll check in later
~toodles! BESOS!


  1. Hey :-) I love how you're so expressive. I agree that periods are boring!!! LOL... But I do admire you for taking a stand, doing what YOU wamt with your hair. Knowing that your mom doesn't want you to BC and that it will be a surprise to the kids at school. You're bold! I'm excited for you and can't wait to see your fresh 'do :-) I also agree that it will be easier than just growing it out. Transitioning must be so tedious lol... I could never have done it.

  2. Lol i love !!! its better than.... ugh thats boring! i hate boring which is also a reason for me cutting my hair! i love being different than everybody else and the way i see it is who are you to tell me i look bad? why should i care what you say about my hair ? people at school are BORRINNGG just like ......this lol ! & im very excited! cant believe my mama tried to make me wait longer humph! not gonna happen! I was up allll night organizing my stuff for my hair and my new wardrobe =) thanks for the support madam i appreciate it a bunch :) I'll take plenty of pictures tambien (sorry i just spoke spanish) lol
    ~toodles! besos!