Thursday, June 9, 2011

let's get down to business shall we

My business is MINE and nobody else's so why do people feel the need to be in MY business? I just don't understand it. Why do I matter to you so much that you have to know my every action and everything that I do. If you're not my parent then why do I concern you? It's like, why am I the topic of conversation? Honestly, who cares? I've come to learn that I just dgaf what people say or think. Haters are funny to me! You're just mad because you can't be me so you go around saying things about me......Yeaahhhh that really looks good on your end and will get you every where! NOT! Losers are what you are! But thanks to all of my haters because they push me to move forward. All of the negative talk is just fueling my fire so keep it coming! It's just confusing though. Why do I seem to interest you enough for you to just go spreading rumors about me? It really just blows my mind. Well what ever because I have a new mentality.....How about this..... Something that will work for us all =).... I don't give a rat's a$$ about what you say about me or think. I'm done trying to please people! This will work for us both because if I ignore you It'll make you more upset and more upset means more negativity which pushes me forward! So to all my haters who spread rumors and say I can't get any where in life, this is for you... =) smiles!

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