Tuesday, November 8, 2011

my protective style

Hey guys ! i finally have my protective style =) ! i have my first sew in ever lol

Ive been stopped every where i go. people ask "omg are those your curls?!" i always say yes lol hey what they dont know wont hurt them! but of course everyone at school knows that its not mine but who cares lol it looks like mine.. i went trick or treating with my baby sister and a lady that was giving out candy called her husband out side and said "HAROLD come have a look at this young lady's hair!" and he came out and said "gorgeous! just gorgeous!" i just smiled and said thank you =) and walked away with my candy leaving them standing staring after me. i'm gonna be sad to take this out but i miss my real curls :( it is true about what they say huh? time away from things really makes you appreciate it because i really miss my hair =( but atleast it'll grow alot in the next month. I'm planning to leave this in until about December 21st but i dont know how much more i can take! it itches like hell! but i do oil it and it feels better... it looks good still but underneath everything is loose! the net is because i was digging in my head but the braids are fine. i think i can make it all the way to december.. i just have to really work on maintaining this hair because if i dont then its definitely coming out in November lol I've never had a sew in before so i dont really know how to take care of it.. i guess i have to learn if i want to keep it until the end of december..i'm going to have to get a touch up in a few weeks though. 
    I think i'm going to keep getting sew ins.. I want a straight one next time.. but before i get another one i'm going to just get some french braids for a few months then get a sew in.. When this first one comes out i'm going to just wear my hair out for a few weeks then get some braids for winter break because during winter break is when my hair is bound to start lookin rough because imma be at home forever lol. So thats what i'll do! i'll either get my bestfriend or my boyfriends sister to braid it for me idk yet. preferably my bestfriend because i see her alot .. i just dont want to endanger my hair with the cold... cus i know how it can get ! well pray for me lol 

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