Wednesday, November 23, 2011

protective style pt. 2

So I've decided to leave this bohemian hair in up until about the 24th of December. That's my 6th month anniversary btw but im leaving it in because i want to keep it for 2 months.. i mite as well because to me taking it out december 18th or 9th is pointless when i can just keep it until the 21st-24th ish. my hair is really growing! i cant wait to take it out and wash it!!! then color it too because my hair color is at the tips and i dont like it that much .. i look like someone with dreads that just colored their tips.. eww... not cute.. but it is growing! i can put the front in a pony tail..(the front was left out so my edges dont thin from the pulling) and i can use the baby rollers on my hair now!! the yellow ones!! omg! i was excited as you can see lol ! I just have to go through another 3 weeks which should be easy ! time seems to go by so fast for some reason! school is just flying by! i walk outside every morning and say the same line.. "Jesus its freezing! why is it sooo cold?" and i'll be mad that its cold but i keep forgetting that its november! about to be december. my mind is still stuck in August its definitely not in November right now.. gosh time flies! well im about done with the chatter ! HAPPY THANKS GIVING EVERYONE =)

~BESOS! <3

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