Monday, November 14, 2011


i wanna cut my hair again =( why ? because of this

it was sooo cute! i loved my hair being short! i loved jumping in the shower and co washing it every single day! this was at about 2 months natural maybe even 1 month.. i loved my baby curls.. right now im about to be 5 months natural in a few days and im in the in between stage.. i have no clue what to do with my hair after i take this weave out! i just want to keep getting weaves but i love my hair way too much to just keep it hidden.. i might get one more weave in january but i doubt it.. i miss my hair !!! i just have 3 more weeks until i can take this out ! im going for December 9th (my little sisters bday) =) im just gonna leave my hair be and let it grow on its own without help of weaves because all im gonna do is whine because i miss my hair lol i just cant wait until the summer time.. i need to learn how to french braid because i would braid my hair every night .. welp ... i'll learn but until nextime (december 9th) i'll try to post pics up of when my hair comes down .. i hope i get good growth if not then im not trippin cus hair grows anyway well adios mis amorcitos!

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