Saturday, November 12, 2011


I MISS MY HAIR! I cant take it anymore ! i miss my curls sooo much that i want the month to hurry up and end so i can take this out of my head! it'll be a whole month of hiding my babies in 9 days... not so bad ... i hope i can last ! i only got this so i can give my hair a break and get some length but hell, i cant do it anymore ! i wonder how much new growth is in here now for it to be left alone for almost a month... hmmmmmm...maybe if i just dont think about it i'll be fine.. my goal is to go all the way until the middle of December but idk.. i'll figure it out ! oh and btw ITS MY BROTHER BDAY =) HES 18 ! wow how time flies !
                                           besos =)

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